Midnight Watchman

Composer and Producer

Of contemporary electronic music. Staffordshire, England.

Broken Planet

My latest album, released in 2020.

Broken Planet Album Cover

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The different sides of love

Check out my latest video about contrasting love:

My Latest single

Family Family, 2020

Inspired by Elixir by Tourist, this track is a journey into my mind during lockdown and what it's like being with you family 24/7. A juxtaposition of love and entrapment.

My Albums

Broken Planet Broken Planet, 2020
Liquid Universe Liquid Universe, 2017
Voyager Voyager, 2016

My Previous single

Machines For Living Machines For Living, 2019

The track is inspired by the modernist architect Le Corbusier, who coined the phrase 'A machine for living' to describe how a house or home should be functional before anything else. The sounds I have used are like cogs working overtime to keep the machine running smoothly. Rhythmically connected sections, following a looping theme.

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