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I am a dark horse. My music is both secretive and evocative. I write in the late hours when everyone else is asleep. I compose with headphones, a keyboard and many synths. I am a father, designer, gardener, writer, reader, man of music.

My music is mainly instrumental and wholly electronic. It doesn't fit easily into one of the pre-defined electronic sub genres, but has it's own place. It is varied and mult-layered, rhythmic and groove-based. I'm influenced by all types of alternative music as well as classic songwriters, film composers and contemporay electronic sounds.

I create evolving soundscapes and textured rhythms, blending dark and mysterious synths with lush and thought provoking melodies.


I'm always looking to improve my sound by carefully carving away and uncovering interesting details, creating a range of tracks that are true to life: dark and light.

I try to get to the truth of who I am and therefore the music I create. The sounds are often formed by following accidental ideas that I'm not consciously looking for but those that present themselves via a mistake or error. I love instrumental music and all the complexities and forms of composition it can exist in. It is less bound by popular tradition and can journey in any direction at any given moment.

Andy Jones
Andy Jones from the side


The first albums I heard that influenced my current music were by Jean Michel-Jarre, Jan Hammer and Vangelis when I was very young. Their simplistic yet perfect melodies played by modern synthesisers resonated with me. I've since been attracted to all manner of instrumental music from Bonobo to Anchorsong, Kraftwerk to Chopin and from Penguin Cafe Orchestra to Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnolds. I'm also heavily influenced by alternative indie music like John Grant, Future Islands, Alt-J, etc. as well as classic songwriters from the 70s like David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Simon.


I began as a street musician in UK cities whilst writing original songs and touring the US with my own money. Upon returning to the UK, I started a band and soon gained successful appearances on radio and music festivals with acoustic-written songs that were well received. After a couple of EPs, I decided to move into instrumental music as a solo artist, recording in my home studio.

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