Composer of original music for films, TV, games and media



Midnight Watchman is a composer and producer of ambient music from the UK. He writes instrumental tracks that incorporate mainly analogue and digital electronic sounds but also some some treated real instruments. He writes soundscapes with varied rhythms and instrumentation, packed with unassuming melody. The tracks contain elements of suspense and intrigue as well as relaxing and ambient tones and are well suited for film and television.

Current Project

He is looking to discover his true sound by carefully carving away and uncovering every corner of his life. To do this, he will continue to do one thing: keep composing through easy times and hard, creating a range of tracks that are dark and light. He’s essentially trying to get to the truth of who he is and therefore the music he creates. These sounds are often formed by following accidental ideas that he's not consciously looking for but those that present themselves via a mistake or error. He loves instrumental music and all the complexities and forms of composition it can exist in. It is less bound by popular tradition and can journey in any direction at any given moment.


The first albums he heard that influenced his current music were by Jean Michel-Jarre, Jan Hammer and Vangelis when he was very young. Their simplistic yet perfect melodies played by modern synthesisers resonated with him. He has since been attracted to all manner of instrumental music from Bonobo to Anchorsong, Kraftwerk to Chopin and from Penguin Cafe Orchestra to Tycho. He is also heavily influenced by alternative indie music like John Grant, Future Islands, Alt-J. Ezra Furman, and Ryan Adams as well as classic songwriters from the 70s like David Bowie, John Martyn, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon.

Future plans

He is pursuing ambient music with a passion and looking to create a range of dark sounds that can contrast with other lighter tracks. His aim is to be a respected composer with a good following and for his music to be used in film.


Midnight Watchman is a well-rounded songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player who began as a street musician in UK cities while writing original songs and touring the US with his own money. Upon his return to the UK, he started a band who soon gained successful appearances on radio and music festivals with their acoustic-written songs that were well received. After a couple of albums, he decided to move into instrumental music as a solo artist, recording in his home studio.

His music can be heard on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/midnightwatchman

Please write to him if you have any comments about his tracks or want to use them in your project. If you want him to write a track for your project, please contact Midnight Watchman here.