Original songs

More than you asked for

Written 2003.

The Breeze

Written 2001.

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Broken Planet

Broken Planet

Released July 31st 2020.

Tracks: Break Up / Subconscious Undercurrents / Reasonable Doubt / Calculated Risk / Smith and Jones / Machines For Living / Bleak Tragedy / Spacetime / Frightened Eyes / Ten Years / Juggernaut / Oblivious

Liquid Universe

Liquid Universe

Released 2017.

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Tracks: Chaos From The Cold / Light In The Cracks / One Day It Will All Seem Funny / The Turning Point, Pt. 1 / The Lichfield Hour / Bering East / Double Up / Suburban Bliss / French Canadian / Face of the Future / Super Moon / Starling Wars

Voyager album cover


Released 2016.

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Tracks: Great Exceptions / The Art Of Brevity / The Finding Of Feet / Born In The Middle Of The World / Stop Watch / Scattered Objects / Song For A Sleepless Night / The Train Arriving At Platform 8A


His latest music can be heard on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/midnightwatchman

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